DiaVita launches its new ‘Vita Energy’ ADS on its official Youtube Channel!

29 November 2017

DiaVita is launching its first major marketing campaign, introducing its new slogan 'Be DiaVita! You are more then you think'. During the first week, the video managed to score over 100,000 views.

The campaign, which features people who enjoy different styles of healthy living and sports, has been developed to revive “passion and joy” for lifestyle and life with full effect. The ads show all the different aspects of life - the passion of lovers and the tenderness of the mother, the joy of sports and the ferocity of achieving goals. The ads symbolize a strong and confident person and this campaign in particular illustrates that side of them, when all the aspects that could be in life and everyone is capable of much more than they think!

“We were trying to make a video that represent the different facets of the modern person. Elegant, energetic and strong! To show that VitaEnergy can easily help them to create a new lifestyle and successfully fulfill all their dreams! – said Ksenia Liron, Head of PR and marcating communicacations, international DiaVita. The rhythm of melodies and the rapid movement of frames should cause a desire to get up and start doing something for yourself immediately! We are saying dont ‘give up’, but in very neutral form.”

DiaVita wanted its first push to address that and focus on getting all people back into sports and healthy lifestyle so as to “inspire them to play like they have nothing to lose and they will receive extra energy.” No turning back is a call to action for the people, who have a positive view of life!
The ads were filmed accross Europe and produced by DiaVita's global creative agency Zebra Hero.

“We’re really excited to have them work on it and we think that it is a very possitive start for us on the new market!” - Lucia Marzano, marketing manager, DiaVita Italy. And we are absolutely happy today to celebrate all forms of human beauty, not just the stereotypical standards of living!

This DiaVita ad is just the first step of the fast growing business, which is growing all around the globe, giving people the opportunity to feel and look good!

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