4 Myths about Multi-Level Marketing

21 September 2017

Network marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), is a legitimate business. This business model is based on providing value to people with products and services that they want or need. You get what you put in and the amount of money you make in MLM is directly related to effort you put into selling the product and signing up distributors. In network marketing, there are no investment requirements and if you decide that this isn’t the business for you – no problem, you won’t ever be left with a garage full of products you can’t sell! There are no quotas that have to be reached, no education needed, and there is little overhead.
So today, we will speak about the MLM business and its stereotypes. Here are her responses to the most popular stereotypes about MLM Companies.

Stereotype #1: Networking marketing is like a pyramid
Absolutely not! Networking marketing is legal and ethical!  Let me bring a few more facts to your attention to be truly well informed.  There are over 5,000 network marketing companies in the world operating in 125 countries. Over 50 people in the world become network marketing millionaires every single day! And you should become one of them, because you can. Over 400,000 people in the U.S. have become millionaires thanks to network marketing. Every day, 60,000 people become distributors of direct sales companies. Why do you think they would they do that?

Stereotype #2: Networking marketing isn’t easy
Imagine you have an idea to start your own business. What would you need? Product, Promotion, a Place to sell, People to sell to, Advertisement, Production, and Investments – huge investments. It doesn’t seem so easy, does it? Networking Marketing provides a basis for your business – a product and model – what you need is to become a Partner, present the product to people you know, find your first customers (by the way, we have technologies to help you get more customers!), and start inviting the same interested people into your business … that’s very easy!

Stereotype #3: I have to invest money
You don’t have to invest your money; you invest only in your future and education. For example, in DiaVita there are no startup costs. When you came to DiaVita as a Partner (the first step on success ladder), you get your very own product discount. When you become a Leader, you start getting a Leader’s Bonus. On the President level, you start to get the President’s share. At DiaVita, your income purely depends on your efforts!

Stereotype #4: The way to reach Leader’s status and an amazing income is very long and tedious
Of course, you need to work hard to become a Leader, but you don’t have to think that it will take years! For example, successful Partners at DiaVita become Leaders within 2 month. It’s not long and tedious – all you have to do is just start!
We hope that this article will inspire you and you will find your road to success with Network marketing companies!

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