Your Success awaits outside your Comfort

03 October 2017

Coco Chanel once said: “If you want to have something you never had, then you will have to do something you never did”. The ability to take risks by stepping outside your comfort zone is the primary way in which we grow. But we are often afraid to take that first step. In reality, comfort zones are not really about comfort, they are about fear. Read the Coco Chanel quote again and feel motivated to change your life for the better. Break the chains of fear to escape outside of it. Once you do, you will learn to enjoy the process of taking risks and growing in the process. 
So, what’s the secret to leaving your comfort zone? Here are four tips to help propel you into a world of adventure and opportunity: 

Tip #1
Find your “courage zone”
Your courage zone lies just outside of your comfort zone. If you’re not ready to take that big leap, then take a baby step. You’ve got to start somewhere. That courage zone is much less predictable than your comfort zone, but it could also entail opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Tip #2 
Avoid the “terror zone”
Beyond your courage zone lies another zone: the zone of terror, which is overwhelming and a place you want to avoid. The key to success is finding that area outside your comfort zone and outside the terror zone. It’s the sweet spot that will allow you to move forward at a pace that allows you to grow, but doesn’t paralyze you with fear.

Tip #3 
Allow yourself to be vulnerable
You can play it safe and always do the predictable thing, or you can push the envelope a bit and go for maximum growth. Moving outside your comfort zone is bound to make you feel a little exposed and that’s a crucial part of the process. You’re going to feel afraid. But moving forward—even while knowing that failure is a possibility—helps you set new and higher bars for your goals and move into your courage zone at the same time.

Tip #4
Take it one step at a time
You might think that sounds less than ambitious, but trust that moving outside of your comfort zone doesn’t happen all at once. With every move you make, take time to evaluate where you are and plan where you’d like to go next. Then take the next step in your new direction.
That’s how you develop momentum and keep yourself moving on to greater opportunities further outside your comfort zone.

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