The best day to start is TODAY!

26 July 2017

We are constantly exposed to images edited by Photoshop or filters, which isn’t always a negative thing, but not looking as natural and beautiful as we wish to.  We believe that there is a positive and not so difficult way to view images of beautiful, fit, and healthy people. Without any time for ourselves, we start eating fast food and unhealthy food which can never help us look gorgeous. In my experience, this initial, externally-focused motivation for wanting a perfect body, such as people we see in magazines or online, is often quickly replaced by a true understanding of how living a healthy, active lifestyle can make you feel and look better.

People need to be realistic about the changes they can achieve. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes at all. Don’t feel guilty or let anyone else make you feel that way. If your goal is to improve and start to look better, first you need to find some motivation and positive aspects. At the same time, you need to remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that true beauty is what happens on the inside of your body. Maintaining an overall body that is healthy and feeling good is what I believe is most important.

Find the tips below, which are the most important for your motivation:

1. Make sure that the people around you make you feel good about yourself – no matter what your size or health condition. You should spend more time with friends who are sharing their fitness progress and feel happy for the fitness models on the cover of magazines and be inspired by the women who like to wear fabulous outfits to the gym – people who tell you that you are on the right track and truly believe in your progress! Think of five people who could be on your team cheering you on. Talk to these people about giving you support and holding you accountable as you work to reach your weight loss or health goals.

2. Start doing it today and don’t think that tomorrow will be easier! There's a better way to live our lives than pretending. The key to staying motivated is to know what your problem areas are and have a plan for tackling with them. Choose your fitness program and a good nutrition diet to help you achieve faster and in healthy way.

3. If your goal is to burn fat, choose cardio exercises, such as running, cycling, biking, and swimming.  Burn calories and often even stored body fat. If you are trying to shed some fat off your hips and booty, ensuring that you engage in cardio is essential. However 2-3 times a week of cardio will help you melt fat off your body.

4. To build muscles, you must do lower body exercises as a part of your routine. We strongly recommend you to do lunges, step-ups, and leg lifts. Start out each morning by doing your exercises for 30 min three days a week and then move on to add resistance with dumbbells or a bar.

5. Do not forget about smart nutrition! You can get results just by cutting out any junk foods and replacing them with healthier options. If you want to increase your muscle mass, you must be consuming adequate protein, for example with the VitaEnergy shake. If you increase the amount of exercise that you do, you must ensure that you stay well-hydrated and consume good carbohydrates.

Start small and make a few simple weight loss and exercise changes every day. These small changes can add up over time to give you a massive health boost. And remember that all changes take time! So, just follow your dreams and don’t wait for the best time to reach them, because the best day is today!

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