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10 September 2017

DiaVita® announces the start of sales of new tastes of Smart VitaEnergy® protein cocktails on Europe market.

DiaVita®, the leading healthy food company in UK, today unveiled details of its entry into Europe market with plans to start sales of new flavors of Vita Energy® on 10th of October 2017. Smart nutrition products of new generation created on the European formula which meets all standards of Health Association. Vita Energy® cocktail is invented as a multifunctional product which helps not only to adhere but also to move a healthy lifestyle on the new level conforming to all requirements of life in the modern world.

DiaVita® develops products for sustainable health habits. The perfectly balanced formula is created to improve life quality, wellness and enhancing natural beauty. Smart Vita Energy® Shake can be used for different purposes depending on the dosage. Good for use as a part of balanced fitness nutrition in addition to workouts, for getting a maximum result from trainings. Also, the shake can be a good replacement for food, gives you a feeling of satiety for 4 hours or longer.

Whats new?
Now Vita Energy® are available with the taste of chocolate, coconut, cookies, goji berries, vanilla, green coffee, tiramisu, strawberry, pina colada, tropical, Acai berries and banana. In the new flavors you will find even more vitamins and minerals. Vita Energy Shake is a carefully balanced All-in-One beverage suitable for anyone at any time. The nutrient-packed smart Vita Energy® cocktail gives you the maximum benefits a high quality shake can offer, allowing you to achieve your wellness goals with ease!

The online shopping site will give consumers throughout the country the opportunity to shop for DiaVita® products whenever and wherever they want. It provides a fast, easy shopping experience for customers, with reliable, convenient, shipping and no hidden charges or fees.

Key benefits of the product for all Thai customers include:
  • Helps with weight management
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves digestive system
  • Helps to normalize cholesterol and sugar level
  • Strengthens muscles and boosts their growth
  • More than 20 vitamins and minerals
Company guarantees a strict compliance with research standards and full control over the result. DiaVita® combined a vast research experience, world-wide scientific achievements, innovations and perfectly chosen organic ingredients.

DiaVita Company aimed at developing smart and hi-tech solutions for health and beauty and creating innovative business tools to promote them.

The products made by DiaVita meet one of the strictest quality and ecological purity standards. Careful selection of raw materials and components, the high quality standards applied to every production process and unique professional expertise - these are key success factors. The perfectly balanced formula of DiaVita products are developed to improve your life quality, health and wellness, beauty, supporting intellectual activity and enhancing natural beauty.
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For the press:
Global contact:
Ksenia Liron
Head of PR & Marketing communication

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