Consent on personal data processing

Hereby I, transmitting to company DiaVita (hereinafter referred “the Company” or “DiaVita”) personal data including, but not limited to (hereinafter referred “the Personal Data”):

Name, surname, patronymic, sex, passport details, Registration at place of residence and actual address, nationality, birthday (day/month/year) and place of birth, work` information (the employer`s name, start and end employment’s dates, job titles, department), professional qualifications and associations, education, marital status, phone (work, mobile), e-mail, financial information (property status (income), deductions, taxes, bonuses, share in the company), TIN, banking details, tax resident status, pension insurance certificate, real estate and vehicles owned, information about breaches of law.

Personal Data will be processed by the Company for the following purposes (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Purposes"):
  • for the fulfillment of its obligations under the sale and purchase and/or Associateship agreement, or any other additional agreement between me and the Company
  • for the purposes of services and products improvement
  • if the processing the Personal Data is required for performance of services by the third parties for the Company if required for the Company’s ordinary economic activities
  • cooperation between the Company or the third parties specifically authorized by the Company and authorized state bodies for the mentioned purposes
  • other purposes connected with obligatory processing of the personal data by the Company

Actions list with the Personal Data and ways of the processing of the Personal Data: automatic, manual and combined processing, including collection, record, ordering, accumulation, storage, adjustment (update or modification), extraction, utilization, transfer (dissemination, granting access), de-personalization, blocking, removal, erasure of Personal data, and also transfer of Personal data via: (i) public communications networks, (ii) informational telecommunication networks of the international information exchange, (iii) cross-border transmission for the territory of foreign states: (a) being the parties of the Convention of the Council of Europe about protection of physical persons at the automated processing of the Personal data, (b) or providing adequate protection of the rights of the Personal data` subjects, (c) or not providing adequate protection of the rights of the Personal data` subjects.

Hereby I acknowledge and agree that my personal data may be shared with my uplines as defined by Marketing Plan of DiaVita for the business development purposes.

Hereby I acknowledge and agree that my personal data may be shared with DiaVita affiliates for the purposes mentioned above.

I undertake to provide the Company under its written request with other Personal Data, information and documents, in the terms specified in such request. I agree that if I will not provide the Company with this information or provide with uncompleted and/or untimely information, the Company cannot guarantee timely rendering of its obligations according to Purposes.

I shall provide the Company with complete and reliable information. I recognize that the Company may not check or any otherwise confirm such information and may ask additional and specifying questions (if it is obvious that provided information is incomplete and/or raising the doubts in its correctness and/or reliability). I agree that I independently bear full responsibility for correctness and completeness of the provided information.

I confirm that in case of any changes of Personal Data I shall notify the Company about this not later than 7 (seven) working days from the date of such change.

Term. The Consent to processing of Personal Data is valid during all period of Associateship agreement, and during 5 (five) years after its termination.

I know about my right of a response of the Consent to processing of Personal Data. The Consent response is made in written form. Thus I understand and agree, that in case of withdrawing, the purposes of the Personal Data processing described in paragraph 1-3 above, cannot be reached.

Any provisions of the present Consent which become prohibited or unenforceable under law of England and Wales shall not invalidate or render unenforceable the remaining provisions thereof.

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