Purity Detox Liquid Tea

Purity Detox Liquid Tea

Purity Detox Liquid Tea

Gluten Free

GMO Free

Sugar Free

Clean sport

No preservatives

Food safety certified

Purity detox liquid tea - а unique Smart & Healthy product for your Healthy Lifestyle

The Purity detox liquid tea is made from 16 natural ingredients facilitate detoxification and liver regeneration.

Natural ingredients come directly from plant material. The plants are harvested at their optimum moment for maximum quality and storage is carried out under the optimum conditions according to the ingredient.The liquid format of this product improves the speed of absorption, as well as the intake.

Gluten Free

GMO Free

Allergen Free

Clean sport

Food safety

BPA free


Double action!

The ingredients in this formulation are combined for a double action: to contribute maintaining a healthy liver and to assist the body’s detoxification processes.

Enjoy delicious taste!

Despite the mix of fruits and vegetables extracts, our formulation provides a very pleasant taste and can be taken alone.

Selected Ingredients

Moisturizing and vitaminizing. For those who want a valuable ally in the diet, reduce skin aging and delay the entry into the bloodstream of sugars.
Antimicrobial and slimming. For those who want to support the immune system from the attack of bacteria, reduce the sense of hunger and maintain regular stomach and intestines.
Purifying, detoxifying and slimming. For those who want a clean liver from toxins and active kidneys.
Milk thistle
Liver, purifying and laxative tonic. For those who want to keep cholesterol at bay and the extra pounds.
Green tea
Antibacterial and antioxidant. For those who want a healthy mouth and reduce excess fat absorption.
Reconstituting, diuretic and laxative. For those who want more energy from a balanced intake of vitamins, optimal kidney and intestinal activity.
Control of blood sugars and antioxidant. For those who want to decrease the glycemic peaks, reduce cognitive decline and slow down aging.
Anti-inflammatory, purifying and digestive. For those who want to eliminate waste, toxins and annihilate oxidants.
Antianemic, emollient and vermifuge. For those who want more energy reducing irritability and nervousness.
Protective of the circulatory system and regulating inetstinal activity. For those who want to strengthen the body and protect it from the signs of aging.
Antiseptic and draining. For those who want to protect themselves from infections and reduce swelling and edema.
Draining, hepatoprotective and antioxidant. For those who want to reduce cellulite, protect the liver from toxins and keep the heart young.
Hepatic cell regenerator. For those who want to turn food into energy effectively and feel lighter.
Black ribes
Anti-inflammatory and anti-stress. For those who fight seasonal illnesses, stress and joint pain.
Energizing, digestive and antioxidant. For those who want to keep young and protected cells, active stomach and combat psychophysical stress.
Vitaminizing, moisturizing and slimming. For those who want to reduce water retention, hydrate the cells and increase the sense of satiety.
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